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Rule 1

The use of our platforms may not be contrary to the rules of civility, morality and good manners, the submissions made may not contain obscene or offensive words, or that harm the dignity of a person or a religious, ethnic or social group or that go against the law, its statutes or regulations.

Tecnologías-SMS is not responsible for the content of shipments contracted to be made directly by a user, nor for any damage caused to third parties by the unscrupulous use of this service. However, it reserves the right to monitor its platforms and suspend the service in case of inappropriate use of the same and in defense of possible damages to third parties.

It is strictly forbidden to any user or third party in general to profit with the service provided by Tecnologías-SMS, under penalty of being suspended the service without any responsibility or refund of money by our company.

The optimal performance of the service will depend on the connection with the telecommunications provider, the time of day and in some cases the connection with your Internet provider. Tecnologías-SMS guarantees the optimal performance of your system, equipment and platforms.

It is strictly forbidden for any user to attempt to gain unauthorized access to the SMS-Technologies site by hacking or password cracking or any other means. If such an attempt is made, the service may be terminated and appropriate legal action will be taken.

Failure to comply with the provisions of this regulation by the user will result in the suspension of service without notice and may not request replacement of what has been paid. Without prejudice to civil or criminal actions to which Tecnologías-SMS is entitled.

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