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Use Emojis to revolutionize your Marketing Campaigns

Emojis are a great way to add color and emotion to your SMS campaigns. This helps capture the attention of recipients and allows them to connect more quickly and effectively with your content. In addition, emojis can also help reinforce the message you are trying to convey, which improves open and response rates.

Tecnologías SMS changes the font of your SMS messages

Typeface is important in an SMS marketing campaign because it is a key factor in making a message stand out from the crowd of other text messages. SMS recipients have a limited attention span, so a good font can help your SMS campaigns.

ShortURL opening certification

Tecnologías SMS has its own platform for sending and creating ShortURLs. In addition, you can get confirmation of opening the ShortURL by phone number.

Benefits of SMS Marketing



Increase sales

Convert leads into sales with fully integrated campaign tools.



People prefer to receive offers by SMS

Keep in touch with each customer with specific offers.



SMS open rates in less than 3 minutes

Make sure your messages reach your customers instantly.



Increase your income

Improve your communication today with customized campaigns to increase your revenue.

Real-time campaign reports

See the exact delivery time of your SMS campaign. Access individual data on read status and response content. Track the SMS delivery history of any number using simple yet powerful tools.

Personalized messages

Tecnologías SMS allows you to customize your bulk SMS mailings to increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Segmented messages

You can segment your database lists according to as many criteria as you wish. You can separate your bulk SMS according to their location, their preferred communication channel, etc.

Unlimited contacts

Most other platforms limit the number of possible contacts to 10,000. Even if you have a hundred contacts or a million, you can upload them to Tecnologías SMS all at once.

Time-critical campaigns

Tecnologías SMS allows you to send 15,000 SMS/sec. No matter how many messages you want to send, Tecnologías SMS can deliver a campaign as large as you want in 5 minutes.

From simple SMS to interactive campaigns

Reach your customers with campaigns. Increase the open rate of your mobile marketing and communicate with your audience.

SMS Marketing Case Studies

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