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Make technology work for you! Introduce self-service options by automating your communication on Messaging Apps with the help of chatbots.

Use Tecnologías SMS as Marketing Channel and Increase Conversions

Improve your digital strategy and use Messaging Apps as a marketing tool for direct, personalized communication with your target audience.

Provide always-on, personalized support and turn conversations into revenue on one of the most popular messaging channels.

Conversational Customer Experiences Start Here


Send images, videos, audios, documents to complete processes faster.


Share location information in real-time to enhance delivery experiences.


Use the contact array to send contact information to your users.

User Verification

Securely protect customer accounts with two factor authentication.

Connect with the world

It’s not so hard to increase your customers’ satisfaction. 64% of people prefer messaging to a call or email. WhatsApp makes it easy for you to chat with customers in 180 countries and 60 different languages.

Monthly Active Users in Millions


Experience Messaging Apps the way your customers do

Just scan the QR and add your contacts and say “Hi“ over Messaging Apps. Build personalized campaigns that stand out. Engage customers with interactive rich media messages and let them know about your latest promotions, back-in-stock items, or offers they shouldn’t miss.

Create successful marketing campaigns with Tecnologías SMS

To create an effective messaging campaign, we use your Messaging Apps to send personalized messages to your customers and prospects. We can segment your contact list and send targeted messages to groups of people based on their interests, behavior, or location. For example, we can include links to your website, registration forms, special offers, and calls to action to encourage your customers to interact with you.

Messaging Apps Use Cases

Messaging Apps in action

With our developer friendly Messaging Apps API, engaging with customers effortless. Get up and running quickly with clear documentation, developer tools, and any additional resources you need.

Deploy our WhatsApp enterprise API with ease. Promote quality engagement with your users and ensure high customer satisfaction rates that keep them coming back for more. 


Tecnologías SMS ensures the total security of our messaging API, with phone number verification services available and digital identity protection, so you can rest assured that your messages to customers are secure and reliable, plus send and receive messages securely with end-to-end encryption, keeping conversations and sensitive information safe. 


Monitor the number of messages sent, delivered and opened. This information will help you improve the results of your campaigns by modifying the text and timing of your messages to meet the wishes of your audience.

Thanks to the large amount of data that can be obtained on the use of Messaging Apps, you will be able to review and evaluate the performance of your team and other communication channels in your company.

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