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Transactional SMS

A great opportunity for your business

Why transactional SMS?

Due to the immediate nature of text messages, the open rate is much higher than that of emails. Sending transactional SMS generates much faster responses than emails. Delivering alerts, notifications and relevant messages with each customer builds trust and long-term loyalty.

Benefits of Transactional Notifications



of consumers prefer automated SMS notifications, when making deposits, withdrawals or card payments



Transactional SMS per second are sent to people all over the world. That's an average of 7 trillion messages per year.



of people want to maintain an SMS connection with a company, as they consider it faster and more efficient.



of consumers say that prompt and effective notification influences their decision to choose one company over another.

Manage your communications with Transactional SMS

Most effectively integrates the sending of transactional SMS, these are sent when the customer performs an action with your company, everyone expects to receive updates and confirmations from companies throughout the customer lifecycle. Transactional SMS facilitates timely updates, making it ideal for delivery and order status notifications, appointment confirmations and other customer service functions.

Types of transactional SMS

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