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Global SMS

Thanks to our commercial alliances with several telecommunications providers, we are able to offer our customers global coverage.


Deliver valuable content directly to the inboxes of our target audience.

Tecnologías SMS Solutions

Notify, promote, and interact with your customers via multiple mobile communication channels.

Send mass messages to any number of people

Tecnologías SMS Bulk Sending enables faster communication through SMS, App Messaging and Bulk Emails with no restrictions when it comes to a number of people. Sending to your organization's employee groups, broadcasting mass mailings to your customers and dedicated messages to your clients - all are unhindered so that your business can flourish smoothly.

Smooth connection of your business to Tecnologías SMS

We specialize in building products and solutions that open new possibilities for your business. Connect your application or software to our multichannel messaging platform in a simple manner or use our web Portal. See below and choose the method of connection that suits you the most.

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Scale your SMS messaging

Send SMS, Messaging Apps and Email campaigns with hundreds or millions of messages without worries. Tecnologías SMS delivers on time.

Send messages anywhere

Tecnologías SMS multichannel messaging platform operates all around the world. So, send messages without limitations anywhere.

Pay less for outstanding service

Enjoy sending messages from all our solutions and products for affordable prices. Tecnologías SMS is here for small and big businesses alike.

Message to your customers through multichannel APIs

Extend the functionality of your business application by adding SMS and other messaging channels. We offer a set of powerful APIs - SMPP, HTTP, and SMTP (Email to SMS). Choose the one that suits your needs the most and start multichannel communication with your customers.

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