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mobile messaging

Transactional SMS

Manage your communications with customers anywhere in the world.

SMS Marketing

From a simple SMS to successful campaigns reaching your customers with promotions, offers and more.

Send bulk SMS to your customers

With an open rate of 95%, bulk SMS are the most effective channel for communicating with your customers. With Tecnologías SMS you can manage bulk SMS sending quickly, easily, economically and effectively. You can integrate it with your CRM or management software via our SMS API or use our intuitive platform to manage bulk SMS sending.

The most effective way to attract the attention of your customers

SMS with emojis for business are text messages sent to customers containing emojis. These messages are used to improve interactivity with customers, increase engagement, show emotions, promote offers and increase sales. SMS messages with emojis can also be used to improve customer experience and increase loyalty.

Global Coverage

We offer global coverage in our messaging services. To enable messaging, please contact our company. We are ready to help you achieve your communication goals around the world.

Use Emojis to revolutionize your Marketing Campaigns

Emojis are a great way to add color and emotion to your SMS campaigns. This helps capture the attention of recipients and allows them to connect more quickly and effectively with your content. In addition, emojis can also help reinforce the message you are trying to convey, which improves open and response rates.

Tecnologías SMS changes the font of your SMS messages

Typeface is important in an SMS marketing campaign because it is a key factor in making a message stand out from the crowd of other text messages. SMS recipients have a limited attention span, so a good font can help your SMS campaigns.

ShortURL opening certification

Tecnologías SMS has its own platform for sending and creating ShortURLs. In addition, you can get confirmation of opening the ShortURL by phone number.

Why Businesses Choose Our Text Messaging

Bulk SMS is the most effective channel for digital marketing


Reach your customers via SMS campaigns to deliver valuable services that will increase your engagement. Easily and effectively keep your customers up-to-date about your latest financial products and services.


Harness the power of cost-effective bulk SMS campaigns across your shop. Communicate your latest offers and discounts in an instant. Increase your sales and reduce basket abandonment.

Real Estate

Make life easier for clients interested in real estate by updating them about discounts and offers based on their preferences. With SMS marketing software, you can send only the most appropriate offers and watch your business grow.

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