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in data for your campaigns

Know the details of your SMS campaign mobile numbers

Phone number lookup or HLR allows you to obtain accurate and up-to-date information about a phone number, such as the current status, whether the number has been ported to another operator or is currently roaming out of the country. This helps optimize costs by reducing the number of failed or undelivered SMS messages.



of companies

see a year-on-year reduction in SMS campaign costs when using mobile number lookup services.



of organizations

suffer from data errors that can be easily avoided with HLR validation.



of organizations

face sales and marketing problems due to invalid and non-optimized contact information.

You will be able to obtain a lot of information

Use our web platform and validate numbers for your SMS campaigns

Our user-friendly interface allows you to easily upload large lists of phone numbers for fast and efficient processing of bulk search of phone number operators.

It is possible to view reports of our number searches and export them for further study.

Uses for Number Lookup

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